Top 5 best ways to destroy Writer’s Block

Mmm, let me guess… 

I know you’re just glaring at the blank screen, your mind is all messy, and you might take some medication because you can feel a headache coming along. 

You know you should be writing something, 

but you can’t do this anymore. Your mind is empty and finished stone-dry.

You’re not tired or bored. Hahaha no. This is much more worse:

You try so hard to stop yourself wandering off into other thoughts. 

stopping yourself being distracted by your long to-do-list.

You force yourself to write, but you feel like everything you try to write down is amazingly terrible.

You keep telling yourself to forge on, but how? how can you get back into your zone?

The truth:

You need a little thing called fun

I’m not talking about taking a break, not get some sleep, not go for a walk. All of that is fine and good for boredom. but the real cause of the writer’s block is that you’re on edge.

what you need to do is chill. Go crazy, you need to let the crazy side of your out, allowing your creative instincts to ignite.

Here are some tips to help you:

1. Curse like a Lorry Driver

Feeling a little stressed?

Best way, is to let it all out. 

Before you start writing, Get emotional. Become Angry, curse like a lorry driver.

Start passionate writing, have a rant and keep going, do not worry about going to far.

Good writing isn’t about picking the best words, inspire the audience get them to feel your passion.

writing as a whole is emotion.

Yeah I get it, you will have to edit your first draft, or even send it to the bin. 

But just remember, you are always able to correct your mistakes in a passionate piece of writing, but just remember you cab’t add emotions to a flat post.

2. Don’t plan your posts

Posting outline can speed up your writing. It’s a proven method.

Downside, it can drain the joy out of writing.

When writing about a topic and your bored of it, stop planning. Write the first thing that comes to your mind, yes 9 times out of 10 it may be gibberish, but somewhere you will find a priceless idea.

So stop planning your posts. 

3. Distract yourself

Get your mind to wander. indulge in serendipity.

Read different types of blogs not only about your topic. Follow people on twitter who you would never thought of following, and don’t just read books on thoughts leader in your niche.

Go out to random places, watch a random movie, random channel on TV, visit a museum, 

Surprise Yourself.

4. Write in different locations

Let going of your desk is a proven method for creative blocks. Take a break and go travel, if can’t just force yourself away from your desk.

Ideally got to a park, or your local cafe got to place which is not associated with work. 

Just take your ipad, notepad and write wherever you feel like. 

5. Reread your first blog post

If you’ve been blogging for a long time lets say a minimum of six month or more, then you have written a lot. And you must have become wiser.

Go down memory lane and visit you first blog posts.

And find one you can improve on, add new arguments, add new examples and new points.

And there you go you have a new post.

The hard truth about writer’s block

We all know writing is hard work. 

But you can make it worse by accepting writer’s block 

Do not become one of those tortured geniuses.

Forge on and choose get on with writing.


And lastly experiment! Find out what will work for you, write how you want, where you want and when you want.

Have fun, try something crazy.

May 20th, 2017 by