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May 23rd, 2017 by muhin

So you want to know how to make money blogging?

I am often asked, how do you make money blogging, I will now explain by blogging.

But first here are some basic steps that most bloggers go through:

  • Set up the blog
  • Create useful content
  • Look for your readers.
  • Engage with your readers.
  • Then start making money from your readership through a variety of income streams

I know it sounds like a walk in the park, and yes it is easy in some cases. The main thing is you will need to be aware that there is a lot of work to be inputted. But you don’t need to stress I will give some guidelines.

Here are the steps.


  • Begin the Blog


It’s pretty straightforward, to make money blogging, you will need to have a gblog in the first place. Yes I know it is obvious but it can be tricky for some beginners, they may not have a the tech savvy background.

If that is the case, you don’t need to worry, we will publish a new post soon for “how to begin you blogging journey”


  • Create Useful Content


You cannot call a blog and blog without content, it’s like calling a milkshake without the milk, it doesn’t make sense. So make sure you concentrate on creating content that you readers can relate to. Remember what you choose to create will ultimately depend on the topic that your desire to write about.

You need to understand that creating content alone is not enough, what you will need is create useful content, concentrate on content that will affect people’s lives in a good way ofcourse, when you do that you will get their trust, which is priceless.

This is what I always say, help a million people get million dollar.


  • Find your Readers


As you start focusing on your content it is easy to get distracted and spend time looking at building your darling blog. You see many bloggers have to deceptive mind set i.e build it first then start looking for readers.

Think about it, if you want your blog to make money, you need to focus on promoting your blog, instead of just focusing on building it.

Yes traffic is good but you also need readers that will converse with your blog which will add more legitimacy to your blog, it is vital to enter into all different kinds of methods to ascertain readers as well as traffic.

More reading on getting more readers click here

You need to think carefully about what type of reader you will like to have reading your posts.

Now that you have figured out what type of reader you will like to attract to your blog, now you must find out where those kind of readers are online.

Now start a list of where they could be, I recommend listing top 3 of these platforms:

  • Whats blogs they’re reading.
  • Forums
  • Podcasts
  • Social Networks
  • What accounts are they following on social network.

Once you have figured out, where you readers are gathering then it is advised to interact with your readers and give them helpful content on other platform, you will then build a trust, and with that trust you can channel your readers to your blog.

Remember it is vital to build a presence, to create new relationships, to add more value to your blog.


  • Engage with readers


A continuum of focus upon creating great content and finding your readers, you will start to see more and more people visiting your blog and interacting with your content.

Now at this level you will need to focus on interacting with the readers and build your own community.

This means responding to comments, email readers personally by all means necessary to keep them coming back for more.  

And always have your first day readers back, because they will spread the word of your blog, and that means more readers and more traffic.

Also having a engaged reader is easy to make money from, because they feel like they know you, and trust you, because of your helpful content.


  • Make money from the readership through multiple income streams


Different blogging Income streams

Blogging Income Streams

As shown above, here are there many means of making money from your blog.

Remember what I stated earlier on, more people you help the more money you get.

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May 23rd, 2017 by muhin

Let’s be real.

Attracting traffic to your blog is a lot of work, and I understand that.

But it comes to writing a new post, you can’t just write until you hit your word count goal and just publish it.

You have to be picky on what words you are going to use, i.e engaging and well informed.

Another battle is getting people to read those posts.

Well you could send your post to followers and subscribers, and yes they will love it and shairt, but you have to remember that they only represent a small fraction of your potential audience. 

Think about it, all those other people who’s also like your post, that’s if they knew about it.

We assume as bloggers, getting more traffic means creating more content, doing a whole lot of promotion and spending more hours working.

Yes those things work, but there is a different method to establish more traffic.

And you will not need to write a word of extra content to make this work. 

Why Agile Bloggers Write Less Content

We are well aware that you guys work your hats off to create great content that keeps your readers happy, engaged and loving.

Influence of the content doesn’t have to be restricted to your blog.

You can get your content, name, in front of new audiences simply by republishing on different platforms.

Remember these platforms already have people interested in what you have to say, then you can channel that traffic towards you website, that way you will grow your online influence and also you subscriber list.

This method works so well that you’ll often notice top writers working out deals with big brands like business insider, entrepreneur, forbes, The Huffington Post and the like. This is usually called syndication, and it becomes a win-win situation where the host publication gets quality content for theirs audience and the blogger establishes their brand and generates traffic.

But there’s a issue.

Getting past their body guards of these huge publications is difficult. What you will need to do is develop connections with the right people or somehow catch their attention with a viral post.

What you need to understand is that there are platform without high barriers to entry that still attract a huge audiences, some whom will love your posts.

I would suggest Medium, this is one of the hottest content platforms around, where you can republish and it is nearly as easy as copying and pasting.

I know, it sound to good to be true.

And actually didn’t you hear somewhere that google has a issue with duplicated content?

Google Will not Punish You for Duplicate Content

A lot of bloggers stay clear of any republishing methods, because getting a google penalty is scary for them.

But the truth is that republishing content whilst the original author is aware is not a action Google will go out the way to punish.

Google is aware of this and on its help page which is concentrated on duplicate content they state, “Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content or are appreciably similar. Mostly, this is not deceptive in origin.”

“If you syndicate your content on other sites,” Google states, “Google will always show the version we think is the most appropriate for users in each given search, which may or may not be the version you prefer. However, it is helpful that each site on which your content is syndicated includes a link back to your original article.”

This states that Google might show the syndicated content page in its results instead of your original piece. But for the majority, ascertaining that content to front of a Google search, would be a win, and when that does happen, there will be no penalty from Google.

Medium, the best Republishing Platform

Medium is a platform that consist of real readers who love to read brilliant pieces.

It is a fairly new platform for content, they have been estalished since August 2012. It has good backing, Medium is created by two of twitter’s founders, Biz Stone and Ev Williams.

You see this platform is a place where anyone can share their thoughts and converse with other members. They also have their self-contained publications that create content around a desired audience.

Think about it for a second. When you have publication which are thriving within the Medium Brand, then that means you have some serious numbers of readers on your side.

Just a small effort on Medium can produce large Results

When you become a member of Medium, their algorithms will hand-pick and produce content which is designed around your interests via email. The email will contain post which are selected by the Medium Staff, posts from publication that you follow and to add to that the posts most recommended by the people you follow. 

For example, when you open the dail email, you would read one recommended post after that you read another, it becomes addictive. Now imagine that behaviour on steriods on potentially thousands and thousands of keen readers, and I mean a motivated hungry audience.

Another good thing about Medium is that you can take advantage of that behaviour, where readers read one post after another post.

This is a great door for your content to go out in front of a hungry audience, and if your content is good you know for a fact they will visit your blog i.e more traffic for you.

Question is, how do you get the ball rolling?

Publishing Your First Blog Post on Medium in 4 Easy Steps

If you haven’t signed up already, then looks like I will have to show you. 

Trust me, it’s easy.

Step 1: Creating the Medium account

All you have to do is, sign in with your Google, Twitter or Facebook, if you don’t have them then you can use your email address to sign up.

In this example I used a twitter account to log in, now Medium will automatically fill out out the the profile via twitter, and connect me to people I follow on twitter that also includes people that follow me, this will get me started on my follower and following foundation on Medium. 

Step 2: Desired Following 

Now you will see a window asking “what are you interested in?” this  is where can select what you are interested in. So you would select your favourite subjects, this will allow Medium weigh and measure the type of content you would be most likely interested in.

Now that you have picked your desired good topics, click on “Next”  this is located in the right-hand corner to get to the following screen, where you have ability to go and follow different types of Medium users.

Now if you’re curious where these suggestions come from, they’re channled through your twitters thats if you used your twitter to register, and the subject you picked on the previous page.

It is recommended to follow some of the suggestions, you are able to go back and refine your following and follower statues. 

Step 3: Editing Your Profile

Like I said before, if you have signed up with an existing account, some part of your profile will be filled out, but it is advised to go back to your profile and edit it to make sure it reflects your interests, so your profile is represented correctly on Medium.

Now if you want to get to the editing screen, you must click on your avatar located in the right-hand corner, then click on “Profile.” Once you’re there, you will the “Edit” button click on it to change your wording and photo.


It is vital that your profile is consistent with any other of your online profiles i.e Google, Twitter and Facebook. This will allow your existing followers to recognise you easily. This will also help you create a easy going process when the new followers of yours to find you on other online platforms rather than just Medium.

It is important to use the same title, like I have “Marketing Manager” in my title, you also have to make your blog’s name prominent to help you get recognised from other online platforms.

Step 4: Publish Your Post

Now that you are set to go you got one thing left to do, to post and to establish that click on the “write a story” button located next to the search bar at the top.

This will help your blog gain more traffic and more excited, hungry readers who already love your topic, only thing left is for you to feed those readers. 

Click here to be directed to Medium.

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May 21st, 2017 by muhin

It’s a terrible thought, isn’t it?


You’re crafting away on your blog, but you cannot stop thinking of the thought if you have a chance in getting anyone to read your post.

whats different from you and from the millions of bloggers hoping for recognition?

You’re all doing the same technique, posting posts, Facebook and Twitters, leaving comments on popular blogs, the usual stuff.

But what it boils down to is does anyone care? answer is NO. Readers have witnessed this all. Hence you’re not offering anything new, so why should the readers stick around? 

Answer to that question is? there isn’t an answer for this question. 

You see most of the time, it feel like your in the dark, you don’t know what’s working and what isn’t working, then it becomes a guessing game.

So you here because maybe you want discover some answers, or you just want me to tell you what to do?

Short answer is, I won’t.

Trust me I want to give you the answer, because sometimes you can’t understand what to do until you understand what NOT to do. So let begin from there. 

So I will show you a bunch of mediocre blogger technique, which you should NOT be doing.

1. Be Honest With Yourself

So I’m guessing the tried-and-true marketing techniques just doesn’t feel right to you, so you’re pushing it to a side in the great name of authenticity? 

You see the truth is every blogger feels that way in the beginning, at end everyone has to do it anyway. With everything, to get good at something, first you must follow proven methods and mess it all up, and then you learn, basically learning from your mistakes, then yo follow proven techniques and do it correctly, and one day when you been doing it a long time, you will become the master, you will start to develop your own techniques. Promoting your work own work is the same process as learning to ride a bike.

And if it feels inauthentic, it’s because you’re doing it wrong, hence you need to keep practising.

2. Make Your Facebook/ Twitter/ Google+ / Pinterest / LinkedIn Following First

Now your thinking: the only reason you are not getting any traffic is because you think you need to build your following on social media platform. Once you start getting some attention, then you can promote you blog, and then you think the traffic will come just like that.

3. Tell Stories

At the end of the day people love stories, but this does not mean you should tell any story, the reason being is: telling a boring story is worse than not even telling a story, but unless you’re training in storytelling, then your story’s must be boring. If you think I’m wrong, then go to a cafe and tell a story to anyone in the cafe in a voice so loud so everyone can hear you. If everyone in the cafe stops talking to listen to you, then great! you’re a good storyteller, and they don’t, then you aren’t that great.

 And nearly everybody sucks.





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May 20th, 2017 by muhin

Mmm, let me guess… 

I know you’re just glaring at the blank screen, your mind is all messy, and you might take some medication because you can feel a headache coming along. 

You know you should be writing something, 

but you can’t do this anymore. Your mind is empty and finished stone-dry.

You’re not tired or bored. Hahaha no. This is much more worse:

You try so hard to stop yourself wandering off into other thoughts. 

stopping yourself being distracted by your long to-do-list.

You force yourself to write, but you feel like everything you try to write down is amazingly terrible.

You keep telling yourself to forge on, but how? how can you get back into your zone?

The truth:

You need a little thing called fun

I’m not talking about taking a break, not get some sleep, not go for a walk. All of that is fine and good for boredom. but the real cause of the writer’s block is that you’re on edge.

what you need to do is chill. Go crazy, you need to let the crazy side of your out, allowing your creative instincts to ignite.

Here are some tips to help you:

1. Curse like a Lorry Driver

Feeling a little stressed?

Best way, is to let it all out. 

Before you start writing, Get emotional. Become Angry, curse like a lorry driver.

Start passionate writing, have a rant and keep going, do not worry about going to far.

Good writing isn’t about picking the best words, inspire the audience get them to feel your passion.

writing as a whole is emotion.

Yeah I get it, you will have to edit your first draft, or even send it to the bin. 

But just remember, you are always able to correct your mistakes in a passionate piece of writing, but just remember you cab’t add emotions to a flat post.

2. Don’t plan your posts

Posting outline can speed up your writing. It’s a proven method.

Downside, it can drain the joy out of writing.

When writing about a topic and your bored of it, stop planning. Write the first thing that comes to your mind, yes 9 times out of 10 it may be gibberish, but somewhere you will find a priceless idea.

So stop planning your posts. 

3. Distract yourself

Get your mind to wander. indulge in serendipity.

Read different types of blogs not only about your topic. Follow people on twitter who you would never thought of following, and don’t just read books on thoughts leader in your niche.

Go out to random places, watch a random movie, random channel on TV, visit a museum, 

Surprise Yourself.

4. Write in different locations

Let going of your desk is a proven method for creative blocks. Take a break and go travel, if can’t just force yourself away from your desk.

Ideally got to a park, or your local cafe got to place which is not associated with work. 

Just take your ipad, notepad and write wherever you feel like. 

5. Reread your first blog post

If you’ve been blogging for a long time lets say a minimum of six month or more, then you have written a lot. And you must have become wiser.

Go down memory lane and visit you first blog posts.

And find one you can improve on, add new arguments, add new examples and new points.

And there you go you have a new post.

The hard truth about writer’s block

We all know writing is hard work. 

But you can make it worse by accepting writer’s block 

Do not become one of those tortured geniuses.

Forge on and choose get on with writing.


And lastly experiment! Find out what will work for you, write how you want, where you want and when you want.

Have fun, try something crazy.

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