Blogging a new way to make money?

So you want to know how to make money blogging?

I am often asked, how do you make money blogging, I will now explain by blogging.

But first here are some basic steps that most bloggers go through:

  • Set up the blog
  • Create useful content
  • Look for your readers.
  • Engage with your readers.
  • Then start making money from your readership through a variety of income streams

I know it sounds like a walk in the park, and yes it is easy in some cases. The main thing is you will need to be aware that there is a lot of work to be inputted. But you don’t need to stress I will give some guidelines.

Here are the steps.


  • Begin the Blog


It’s pretty straightforward, to make money blogging, you will need to have a gblog in the first place. Yes I know it is obvious but it can be tricky for some beginners, they may not have a the tech savvy background.

If that is the case, you don’t need to worry, we will publish a new post soon for “how to begin you blogging journey”


  • Create Useful Content


You cannot call a blog and blog without content, it’s like calling a milkshake without the milk, it doesn’t make sense. So make sure you concentrate on creating content that you readers can relate to. Remember what you choose to create will ultimately depend on the topic that your desire to write about.

You need to understand that creating content alone is not enough, what you will need is create useful content, concentrate on content that will affect people’s lives in a good way ofcourse, when you do that you will get their trust, which is priceless.

This is what I always say, help a million people get million dollar.


  • Find your Readers


As you start focusing on your content it is easy to get distracted and spend time looking at building your darling blog. You see many bloggers have to deceptive mind set i.e build it first then start looking for readers.

Think about it, if you want your blog to make money, you need to focus on promoting your blog, instead of just focusing on building it.

Yes traffic is good but you also need readers that will converse with your blog which will add more legitimacy to your blog, it is vital to enter into all different kinds of methods to ascertain readers as well as traffic.

More reading on getting more readers click here

You need to think carefully about what type of reader you will like to have reading your posts.

Now that you have figured out what type of reader you will like to attract to your blog, now you must find out where those kind of readers are online.

Now start a list of where they could be, I recommend listing top 3 of these platforms:

  • Whats blogs they’re reading.
  • Forums
  • Podcasts
  • Social Networks
  • What accounts are they following on social network.

Once you have figured out, where you readers are gathering then it is advised to interact with your readers and give them helpful content on other platform, you will then build a trust, and with that trust you can channel your readers to your blog.

Remember it is vital to build a presence, to create new relationships, to add more value to your blog.


  • Engage with readers


A continuum of focus upon creating great content and finding your readers, you will start to see more and more people visiting your blog and interacting with your content.

Now at this level you will need to focus on interacting with the readers and build your own community.

This means responding to comments, email readers personally by all means necessary to keep them coming back for more.  

And always have your first day readers back, because they will spread the word of your blog, and that means more readers and more traffic.

Also having a engaged reader is easy to make money from, because they feel like they know you, and trust you, because of your helpful content.


  • Make money from the readership through multiple income streams


Different blogging Income streams

Blogging Income Streams

As shown above, here are there many means of making money from your blog.

Remember what I stated earlier on, more people you help the more money you get.

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